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Is West Virginia’s anger misplaced?.


YES!!! THIS!!!!


So the company that I work for has finally gained some level of intelligence albeit a low one… the “blocked” Facebook, but they are doing it on an honor system… in other words “Please do not use this or we will write you up.” REALLY?!?! This job falls firmly under the category of “Be Careful What You Wish For”

So we survived Sunday night. The event went off without any major issues, which is a large improvement from how things used to be. So now to talk about people…

The people that I now work with are different, yet the same, as any other call center I worked in.

You have your habitual whiners, “why does she set there?” “Why can’t I have weekends off?” blah blah blah

You have your drama queens, these are to be avoided at all cost if you don’t want to be labeled as one of them, or if you don’t want to feel like your life is a damn soap opera.

The know-it-alls who answer every question whether it was directed at them or not, and truly believe that they are the authority on every possible issue that could arise. Usually they are to be ignored if you want to keep your job for any length of time because they don’t know their ass from their elbow (unless they are me, and I know everything (;  )

The people who are seriously just trying to do their jobs and go home to their families.

The really sweet ones, and they are perhaps the most deadly…they are sugar and hugs until they can get close enough to firmly wedge the knife in your back.

The old timers who by sheer force of experience if nothing else are regarded as the authority and the true source of knowledge in the office.

…….. This I think covers your basic customer service… technical support are a completely different story….

So I had my first day on my own on the phones and then I had two days off. And now… on a Saturday I am dragging my rear back in here and trying not to openly protest the lagging call volume that fails to support the need of 15 people in here. I say that now but by this evening I will probably be hiding under my desk saying “can’t go to sleep, clowns will eat me.” There is a particular breed of customer that will be calling tonight to see what time something is happening, why it’s not working, etc. More than likely they can’t do it because they are past due, don’t have the correct equipment, or are just plain doing it wrong. But hopefully it’s not because our servers went down or I’m not leaving the building without a police escort

So after 4 hours of staring at a login screen they final got my Windows login…right as I was going to lunch. Well at least it’s working now. They’ve only known I was starting for like a month, not to mention I spent a whole week in training.  But at least I’m now semi-working. Unfortunately I found out that we are not going to get commisions until we are out of our probationary period, a fact that believe me I would have thought twice about had I been told at any point during the interview/orientation process. But it is, for the most part quiet and I’ve only had one person want everything for free so it’s a good day.