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If this week doesn’t end soon the will have to commit everyone in my office to the 3rd floor. Monday was a catastrophe, the calls were through the roof and our abandoned rate was abominable. Tuesday – not alot better and today the 1st TWO calls I receive are from the same guy swearing at me and going INSANE when come to find out it was his wife that rescheduled, not us.

Thank goodness I had yesterday off because between my customers and my crazy coworkers I was ready to explode.

I don’t understand why we make it more difficult on each other… there are only 33 of us in here so you would think that would make us a tight team, but it’s more like a round of Free-for-all on COD MW2 (gamers will know what I mean).

I will say that if I get another call blind dropped on me about something that ANYONE in here should be able to handle I will throw things!


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  1. Funniest shit ever. If it makes you feel better- we weren’t much better yesterday. Which makes it even funnier..LOL
    I dont know why we don’t all get along and work together either- but appartently I am the only one that see’s that as a problem…LOL
    I have to go now, cause the person who always looks over my shoulder is probley watching with her nosey ass…LOL

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