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Anyone who works in customer service knows that there are very few holidays that actually breech busy. Christmas and Thanksgiving being the main two becuase of new equipment and football respectively. Memorial day…not one of those…not even close. Saturday wasn’t too bad and given that there were some storms the night before it was active enough to keep us awake. Sunday however…. we were open 14 hours, there were a total of 8 people scheduled throughout that day and we had a total of 126 calls…ALL DAY. That averages out to 9 calls per hour (1 and 1/8 of a call per person) for those of you who don’t want to do the math in their heads. It was beyond excruciating and people were fighting hard to simply stay awake. Monday was slightly better but the people that did call didn’t seem to understand that it was in fact a holiday and we couldn’t fix everything but simply willing it to happen. Ah well such is life.


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