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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I truly believe that there should be a basic competency test before customer should be able to get advance services that involve additional equipment. If the customer can not identify the equipment, or has to be step by step walked through the fact that it needs to be plugged into the power outlet the should NOT have been given that equipment. I love elderly people but they especially should be given extra time during the installation to be instructed on the equipment… because they inevitably call 20 minutes after the installer has left and have pushed the wrong button.


Sometimes being in a small call center is a blessing in that you all know each other… on the other end of the spectrum though…you all know each other. Some companies promote a family/team environment amongst their employees, which gives everyone motivation to do well for each other and themselves and for a company that cares. Other companies, small or large, couldn’t pay less attention to whether their employees get along as long as it stays short of major disruptions.

When someone in an office as small as ours has a personal tragedy you would think that the “family owned” company that we slave for would encourage us to come together and support each other. Instead it feels more like we are being encouraged to ignore the situation all together.

Good thing there are some people that care enough not to listen.

If this week doesn’t end soon the will have to commit everyone in my office to the 3rd floor. Monday was a catastrophe, the calls were through the roof and our abandoned rate was abominable. Tuesday – not alot better and today the 1st TWO calls I receive are from the same guy swearing at me and going INSANE when come to find out it was his wife that rescheduled, not us.

Thank goodness I had yesterday off because between my customers and my crazy coworkers I was ready to explode.

I don’t understand why we make it more difficult on each other… there are only 33 of us in here so you would think that would make us a tight team, but it’s more like a round of Free-for-all on COD MW2 (gamers will know what I mean).

I will say that if I get another call blind dropped on me about something that ANYONE in here should be able to handle I will throw things!

Anyone who works in customer service knows that there are very few holidays that actually breech busy. Christmas and Thanksgiving being the main two becuase of new equipment and football respectively. Memorial day…not one of those…not even close. Saturday wasn’t too bad and given that there were some storms the night before it was active enough to keep us awake. Sunday however…. we were open 14 hours, there were a total of 8 people scheduled throughout that day and we had a total of 126 calls…ALL DAY. That averages out to 9 calls per hour (1 and 1/8 of a call per person) for those of you who don’t want to do the math in their heads. It was beyond excruciating and people were fighting hard to simply stay awake. Monday was slightly better but the people that did call didn’t seem to understand that it was in fact a holiday and we couldn’t fix everything but simply willing it to happen. Ah well such is life.