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Monthly Archives: April 2010

So after 4 hours of staring at a login screen they final got my Windows login…right as I was going to lunch. Well at least it’s working now. They’ve only known I was¬†starting for like a month, not to mention I spent a whole week in training.¬† But at least I’m now semi-working. Unfortunately I found out that we are not going to get commisions until we are out of our probationary period, a fact that believe me I would have thought twice about had I been told at any point during the interview/orientation process. But it is, for the most part quiet and I’ve only had one person want everything for free so it’s a good day.


Some people would think, “Oh, CSR, cake job,” I am here to tell you that this world is not for the faint of heart. This is the gritty underbelly of the “shiny happy people” vibe society tries to give off. Here is where people will call and cuss you for no better reason than they haven’t paid their bills, where people show their true colors. This is the life of a CSR and the continuing journey to provide exceptional customer service.